Orta Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Piedmont and Italy; is a small paradise nestled between the Alps.
A starting point for culture, leisure, spirituality and good cooking route where every visitor can find its ideal dimension in the surroundings of fifty miles.
This small water-sparkling mirror encloses the jewel of San Giulio’s Island, in whose basilica are preserved the remains of the saint from which it takes his name.
Place of faith and devotion, between silence and spirituality, is now the seat of the monastery Mater Ecclesiae's Benedictine nunnery convent.
On the island there is also the Basilica of San Giulio, the most important romanic monument of the area .

Once you arrive in Orta it’s impossible to don’t visit the little village with its streets, shops, ancient houses, art and culture ... in every season , Orta always keeps its charm, to explode of beauty during summer season.
Visit the picturesque Piazza Motta, with its piers for the island of San Giulio.
Characteristic is the staircase "Motta" where on the top you can visit the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta.

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Upon leaving the Borgo, there is Sacro Monte (UNESCO World Heritage Site), composed of twenty chapels frescoed with statues dedicated to the San Francesco of Assisi’s life.

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From the island the view is thrown 360 ° on the lake and you can see Gozzano village Torre di Buccione, the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso erected on a granite spur and suggestive villages like Pella (with its Parish Church Of San Filiberto), Pettenasco (where you can take a romantic walk along the lake and visit its Wood Museum).
Raising your eyes up on it is possible to see the Monte Rosa, an impassable spectacle!

Omegna a colorful village overlooking the lake, which offers at the end of August the great San Vito festival with music, street food and world famous fireworks championships, a favorite among young and old!


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Nearby it’s possible to find rich cultural and historical sites such as Legro, famous for its houses painted with Orta and surrounding film scenes (our places are loved by the great Italian and international directors!) Such as Ameno where In June there is an important International Blues Festival, Vacciago with its alleyways and the narrow streets that lead to other times, and Agrano.

From these small villages there are numerous trails for Trekking and Bike Riding enthusiasts.

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Mountain lovers will not be able to reach the Mottarone, a place suitable for lovers of walks and skiing in the coldest season.

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From the soft top of the Mottarone the eye catches the breath and in the clear and clear days the gaze moves to the province of Varese. From the east side of the Mottarone it is possible to get off at Stresa and from here admire the Lake Maggiore, the lake "brother", a little Piedmontese, a little Lombard and also a little Swiss.
The beautiful towns of this majestic lake are the cornerstones of its spacious shores, and are meta, like Orta, of visitors from all over the world: Verbania, the provincial capital, charming and full of attractions, including the Botanical gardens of Villa Taranto.

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Stresa ... with its long lake and the wonderful Borromean Islands: Isola Madre, Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori.

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Arona, with its promenade on the lakeshore, its fortress and St. Carlone, an imposing 30m high statue of the saint born in the fort.
The colossus is a destination for devotees and tourists and from its head you can admire the panorama.

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On the Lombard lake, stands the fortress of Angera, a majestic medieval stronghold, which houses, among other things, the doll and toy museum.

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Another small jewel is the lake of Mergozzo and its charming homonymous habitat.

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For those who want to make a few kilometers more, the Val Formazza is another destination to be missed, the Toce Falls show will take your breath away.

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Of course you can not miss the spa of Premia, in the common homonym, total wellness immersed in nature !!

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All this and much more just a short walk from Orta, the starting point of your vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world !!